Unity Medical Center

164 W. 13th St., Grafton, ND 58237 







Family Medicine

Doctors at Unity Medical Center provide care for the whole family. From babies to grandparents, our family medicine physicians provide medical care for all ages, both sexes, and integrate biological, clinical, and behavioral science. From annual physicals, regular checkups, baby wellness, vaccinations, school and athletic physicals, and urgent care, our medical providers serve families and our community with the best care for your health!

Family Practice includes:
Skin care – acne, warts, lesions (benign & cancer)
Orthopedics – uncomplicated fracture, assessments, referrals for major orthopedics
Cardiology – high blood pressure, chest pain, stress tests, heart attack, multiple heart conditions
Rheumatology – rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, other muscular skeletal problems
Respiratory Care – pneumonia, asthma, respiratory infections
Endocrinology – diabetes care, thyroid disorder
Psychology – mental health, anxiety disorders, depression
Hematology – anemia, headaches
Preventative Services & Education – cancer, heart conditions, diabetes
Minor Surgical Procedures – removal of benign tumors, lesions, warts
General Medicine
Abdominal Conditions
Emergency Care for All Systems
Urological Conditions



"Having a young, growing family we are very blessed and thankful to have the array of healthcare services available at Unity Medical Center.  The convenience of being able to locally have everything taken care of from ultrasound's to ear infections is comforting."

— Mark & Mia Presteng