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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services


“For the woman who chooses to train efficiently and sustainably throughout her motherhood transition”

Monday & Wednesday 6:00 AM

Unity Medical Center- Physical Therapy

BIRTHFIT Professional: Jordan Miller

April 5- May 12 2021


BIRTHFIT is as much a movement as it is a lifestyle. It’s about humans of all different sizes, shapes, races, and religion taking responsibility for their bodies and owning their decisions, while at the same time, holding space and supporting one another’s decisions and journeys.

We believe women should work out while they are pregnant. In fact, it is the most important time in your life to stay physically fit and nourish your body. Unfortunately in our society, there are a lot of misconceptions in regards to pregnancy, especially fitness. A lot of the information is outdated, with little factual knowledge.

Most women join us just as soon as they find out they are pregnant or sometime in that first trimester. This could be anywhere from week 5 to week 12. Each session includes Warm Up/Accessory Work, Strength, Conditioning, and Down Regulation. Women are supported throughout this journey by a trained BIRTHFIT Professional as well as trained pelvic health physical therapist.

This 6 week program is designed for women trying to conceive, pregnant women as well as postpartum women. The program consists of the following:

  • Two in house training days per week
  • Supplemental training days for home completion
  • Personalized physical therapy evaluation for greater assessment of weakness/strengths and personalized supplemental training
  • Nutritional Overview
  • Breastfeeding Workshop (optional)

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