The Advanced Body Composition Assessment, available with the BODYLOGIC Scan

The BodyLogic scan is a easy-to-read graphical report which show a patients' Body Fat %, Lean Muscle %, and Visceral Fat.  This can then be used to help monitor patients weight loss and weight management programs.  Data from the Advanced Body Composition Assessment can be used to help patients lose body fat, not muscle mass, for a more successful and healthier long-term weight loss.  

During the month of June all patients that come in will receive 20% off their initial BODY COMP ANALYSIS.  The scan is not covered by insurance and the cost is $85.  A prescription is REQUIRED by a PCP or Chiropractor.  For more information or to make an appointment please call 701-379-3050 and speak to one of our Radiology Technicians today!  

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