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Covid Vaccine Concerns

Concern #1:  I'm worried about how fast this was developed and approved.

Response #1:  The technology used behind the COVID vaccines has actually been studied for many years, but new vaccines do not come out all the time (like new medications do).  Additionally, this is what can happen when everybody around the world will pool their resources and money towards a common cause. 

There are currently 3 different companies that have FDA approved vaccines for COVID, so there is not a monopoly or “sole interest” of just one company. 

Concern #2:  It does not guarantee that I will not get COVID.

Response #2:  The COVID vaccines have around a 95% effectiveness rate. Even if you do get the disease, you are more likely to have a much milder case of COVID. The influenza vaccines typically have an average effectiveness around 40% (per the CDC). Again, having the vaccine for flu typically means you will have a less severe infection if you do get it. 

Concern #3:  The COVID vaccines might not be effective against the Delta strain.

Response #3:  They are actually finding that it is effective against the Delta strain. Viruses are able to mutate, just like the flu vaccine mutates, that is why it is closely studied and the vaccines vary some each year. 

Concern #4:  They don’t know enough about the long-term effects of the vaccine.

Response #4:  They don’t know enough about the long-term effects of HAVING COVID. 

Concern #5:  If I get the vaccine and something happens to me, what would my kids do?

Response #5:  But what happens if you get COVID and something happens to you? We should be getting vaccinated so that we are not transmitting the virus to those that CANNOT be vaccinated.

Information from social media, news sources, online, etc. is typically incorrect and fear-mongering. Real science-based evidence is published in medical journals. We want our patients to be informed with accurate information as much as possible so that they feel comfortable with their decision.

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