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To provide financial support for current Unity Medical Center staff who desire to further their education in their career fields.

How It Works

This scholarship may provide up to $5,000 per person per year, and may be repeated for a second year following initial application. Candidates must re-apply every two years. When re-applying, applicants must provide a copy of transcripts.

Scholarship awards will be paid to the recipient at the start of each semester in even increments (e.g., $2,500 in fall semester, $2,500 in spring semester).

Unity Medical Center’s administration and the Unity Medical Center Foundation Board determines which academic programs will be supported by the scholarship program based upon the institution’s employment needs at the time of application and anticipated future needs.

Awards will be announced annually after the May Foundation Board meeting. 


UMC employees are eligible to apply for this scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Employed full- or part-time at Unity Medical Center for two or more years and fill job requirements as directed by UMC policy.
  2. Reside within 50 miles of Grafton, N.D. (exceptions will be considered for Foundation board approval).

How to Apply

Scholarship applicant must 1) submit an online application form and 2) email names and contact information for three personal references to the Unity Medical Center Foundation by May 1 (and transcripts, if re-applying).


The Unity Medical Center Foundation reserves the right to select scholarship recipients based on information obtained from applications and references.

Receipt of a scholarship under this program is not a guarantee of a position at Unity Medical Center upon program completion.

If your employment performance is evaluated as being unsatisfactory during your educational program or if you do not complete the program, the scholarship is fully repayable.

By applying for this scholarship, you authorize Unity Medical Center to withhold funds from your final paycheck should your employment terminate.

If employment is terminated by Unity Medical Center, the scholarship must be repaid as follows: 50% of the total amount must be paid back within 12 months from the employee’s termination date. The remaining 50% is due within the following six months. Complete repayment may not exceed 18 months. This amount will automatically be turned over to a collection agency if not paid back within this time frame. By electronically submitting your signature on the scholarship application, you authorize Unity Medical Center to withhold funds from your final paycheck should your employment terminate.

Revised 3/1/24