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4-Star Rating from NRRS

4-Star Rating from NRRS

Unity Medical Center earns prestigious 4-Star Rating from the National Rural Rating System

Grafton, ND – Unity Medical Center, a committed healthcare provider in Grafton is proud to announce that it has been awarded a prestigious four-star rating by the National Rural Rating System (NRRS), a program recognizing excellence in rural healthcare.

This esteemed designation is a testament to Unity Medical Center's dedication to delivering high-quality care and exceptional patient experiences. The NRRS evaluates hospitals based on rigorous standards, including patient satisfaction, quality of care, and overall hospital performance.

Merideth Bell, Quality and Patient Experience Director shared, “This week is Patient Experience Week where we reflect on all of the things we do collectively for our patients. We strive to make Unity Medical Center a great experience for all, from the care provided, to the cleanliness and aesthetic of the building to the food we serve. As well as the ease and flexibility of scheduling appointments, the quick lab test turnaround, and continual addition of new services. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our patients and the community.”

The four-star rating reflects Unity Medical Center's ongoing commitment to meet the unique healthcare needs of the rural community it serves. This recognition highlights the hospital's success in providing outstanding medical services, despite the challenges often faced by rural healthcare facilities.

Brian Lee, Chairman of National Rural Rating System reflects, “This award is a testament to their unwavering commitment, dedication, expertise and compassionate care provided to the community every day. In a rural setting, where healthcare challenges are unique and often complex, achieving this level of excellence signifies not just clinical capabilities, but also a deep connection to the community. This recognition reaffirms rural healthcare to be a beacon of health, hope, and healing.”

Unity Medical Center extends its heartfelt thanks to its dedicated team of healthcare professionals, whose tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to patient care have made this achievement possible.

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