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Oncology & Chemotherapy

Moving Cancer Care Close to Home – UMC Chemotherapy

Deciding where you or a loved one are going to receive chemotherapy treatment should not be adding to your stress. We want our patients to know that they are in the driver’s seat as to where to receive their cancer treatments or infusions.

Once you have settled into your chemotherapy treatment you have the option of receiving your treatments at Unity Medical Center (UMC). You can still visit as needed with your oncologist via e-visits or tele-visits prior to treatments.

UMC offers a private, cozy chemotherapy treatment room that is equipped with a recliner, TV and has a window for natural light.

According to Jeff Zak, UMC pharmacist, “UMC has a state of the art, certified, sterile medication mixing and compounding room whereby all regulatory standards either meet or exceed what is required. The area is certified every six months by independent inspectors. I personally mix the medications and have more than 38 years of experience. The medications UMC acquires and mixes are no different than those received in larger hospitals.”

Why choose UMC for chemotherapy:

  • Greatly reduce travel time and spend more time in the comfort of your home, especially when you may have increased fatigue, nausea/vomiting.
  • Multiple appointments are often required for chemo, blood work and exams. All of these can be done at UMC.
  • Your oncologist is just a phone call away and in constant communication with the UMC staff.
  • Be cared for by people you may know and trust.
  • UMC’s emergency department is available if needed and in communication with your oncologist.
  • We all share the same electronic medical record/medical history and information so everyone has the information needed for the treatment as far as doctor’s orders, medication orders, etc.

Oncology Specialists

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