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Lab Services

Unity Medical Center provides lab services to Grafton Family Clinic, Park River Family Clinic and Unity Medical Center.  We are staffed by four Medical Technologists.  

ANYONE with a healthcare provider signed order for lab may have their lab drawn at Grafton Family Clinic 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Most of our lab testing is done on site but we do send additional lab tests to Qwest Diagnostics.  

We are also linked with EPIC system so any lab order and lab result can be seen confidentially by any provider working within the EPIC systems.  

If you have questions regarding our lab, please call 701-352-1620 or 701-352-2000. 

Give Blood

The season of giving (Blood) is never over. If you have had a positive COVID test, you can donate Convalescent Plasma (CP), as well as whole blood.  Convalescent plasma is used as part of the treatment of  hospitalized COVID patients.

Vitalant, the company that supplies blood and blood products to most of the upper Midwest, including UMC, has ongoing blood drives.  If you have received the COVID vaccine, you can no longer do the CP, but can still donate whole blood.  As part of the donation, Vitalant also performs a COVID antibody test, FREE of charge. 

You can go online to reserve a time to donate at

Questions regarding donations:

1.    Can the person have had COVID previously and just do a regular donation, if they don’t want to go to Fargo for a CP (Convalescent plasma) donation?

A person who has had COVID needs to wait 28 days from positive test or last symptom (whichever was most recent). We do convalescent plasma donations at all of our blood drives and would love if anyone who has tested positive would consider donating plasma. If they are not eligible for plasma, we are able to take whole blood from them.

2.   Is the person still able to donate, if they have had the COVID vaccination?

There’s no deferral after receiving a COVID vaccine as long as it’s manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, or Astra Zeneca. A person is, however, NOT eligible for convalescent plasma after receiving a vaccine.  Once a person receives the vaccine, they will become a red cell donor.

Be a “giver” all year around.

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