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Inpatient and Swing Bed

Inpatient/Swing Bed Virtual Tour

Inpatient Care

Unity Medical Center's patient care staff take care of patient's requiring skilled care services such as surgical, outpatient, swing bed, respite, inpatient and observation care. Supported by in-house diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and respiratory care.  The Inpatient Department provides Unity Medical Center patients with timely and responsive care for a variety of medical issues with 24-hour clinician supervision.

Our services include:

  • Admission for continued care of patients transferred from the hospital after surgery or serious illness
  • Admission directly from the Emergency Room Department for further evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for a range of medical problems
  • Physical therapy for inpatients

Swing Bed Admissions

When you need extra time to heal Unity Medical Center is here for you.  Not everyone is able or strong enough to return to everyday living after a hospital stay.  Some need extra time to recuperate and recover before returning home.  

Unity Medical Center's Swing Bed Program can help make a smooth transition between acute care and your return home. 

At Unity Medical Center, we can "swing" you from the hospital into our Swing Bed Program, which includes skilled nursing, physical rehabilitation and other services based on your treatment plan.  Even if you were hospitalized elsewhere, you can transfer to the Swing Bed Program at Unity Medical Center, bringing you closer to your family.  

For more information on Inpatient, Swing Bed, Observation or Respite Care, please contact Unity Medical Center at 701-352-1620. 

For more information about Advance Directives, please contact Heather Narloch, LSW at 701-352-1620.

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