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Rehabilitation Services - Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy

Back Pain and Sciatica

Back pain is fairly common in the general public and at any given moment 23% of Americans will report having low back pain in the past three months. Often, the pain will go away on its own but for cases in which it does not resolve, a visit to a physical therapist can be beneficial.


  • Sciatica: refers to pain that radiates down the leg along the path of the sciatic nerve. Usually only occurs on one side of the body. Symptoms:
    • Pain that radiates from low back through buttocks and down the back of the leg 
    • Can feel like an electric shock 
    • Pain in affected leg 
    • Numbness/tingling in affected leg 

How can physical therapy help?

Your physical therapist will do a thorough examination to uncover the underlying cause of your low back pain. Together with the therapist you will develop a specific plan of care usually consisting of hands on treatment, stretching, strengthening and education to address impairments found in the examination.

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